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Band Info

TERATO established their sound in early 1994 from within a cramped, dirt floor basement. Living in the southern costal region of Adelaide, TERATO evolved from a strong three piece playing cover songs, to an extremely powerful four piece writing and performing their own material. TERATO's songs are a mix of musical ambience, deep powerful drumming and bass, thick moody rhythm guitar and a brilliantly executed lead guitar, all meshed together with the laid back harmonious mixed vocals.
TERATO have gained popularity and support through out Adelaide in quite an unintrusive manner. Each show is attended by the ever so faithful gothic heart of Adelaide and the usual music lover who's is looking for that brilliant ambience that TERATO provide. You can expect to see a relaxed stage presence when TERATO are performing and feel relaxed within yourself, but dont let that feeling set in straight away as you'll be suddenly alerted of their presence.
(Ultimate musical brilliance) is how
TERATO is described, each song is full to the brim of powerful melodies that sooth and excite.
TERATO have recorded a number of demo tapes and have put one track to a compilation CD, and are currently working towards recording and releasing a 5 track CD EP. The 5 tracks to be recorded by title are : Take me back, Sighs and moans, Sanctuary, Pain and prejudice, and Retribution.
Sound files of these songs, can be heard on the SOUNDS page.

The Crew

Simon Mc Carthy------23 yrs-------Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Simon Fullarton--------20 yrs-------Lead Guitar
Craig Jaynes-----------23 yrs-------Bass Guitar
Simon Mychajliw-------22 yrs-------Drums, Percussion
Kristin Mychajliw------21 yrs-------Backing vocals


Bunks of Skag
Curtz Curse
I Cant Breath
My Evil Intent
Pain and prejudice
Sighs and Moans
Take me Back
Zero Minus Ten